Life I


We are born and find ourselves in this world “in medias res” or in the middle of the action. Our efforts, by themselves, while often admirable are limited in what they can do to change ourselves and others.

Humanity’s best thinking and behavior¬†falls short. Both denial and false systems of belief are pervasive. True freedom and a right transformation requires God’s spiritual renewal filling our hearts with love, healing our deepest hurts, and changing our lives. When we bring our (often broken) hearts and minds to God, He begins to do what we cannot do solely by our own power.

Welcome, this is where we examine some of the central and most important issues surrounding life.

Does God Exist?

Obvious questions people naturally ask include: Does God exist? Why do we exist? Where do we go when we die? What is our ultimate destiny and the purpose of our lives?

You might say let’s consult science and get these questions answered. Despite scientists themselves asserting a great many views ranging from atheistic naturalism to the existence of a personal God of the Bible, science’s official answer to the core questions of existence are embarrasingly silent. To accurately answer these questions, we must also look beyond science.

Of course science provides clues; however, it is up to us to use logic and reason along with all available knowledge to find the best explanation. When we proceed in this fashion, we find that science and its recent discoveries affirm the idea of a caring creator as the best explanation.

One of the most significant discoveries in the past one hundred years is the idea that the universe has a beginning. It means that space and time also had a beginning as they are properties of our universe. This means that before our universe, space and time didn’t exist here. These discoveries actually undermine the idea of nature bringing itself into existence and affirm the supernatural cause that a very powerful supernatural being brought the universe into existence. This is exactly the Biblical revelation: that God created the universe.

Invoking multiple universes merely pushes the creation event backwards. Furthermore, our universe has a great number of very precise numerical values and forces which if changed ever so slightly would result in zero life. The requirements for us to exist must be exact. The universe appears to be one gigantic planned environment for life on earth to exist.

Yet we see that things in the world are not the way they ought to be. We human beings live on two levels. The first is the way things are and the second is the way we feel they ought to be. We look at ourselves and we see that we naturally gravitate to two levels: the human and the divine.